BMW Service Booklet

The booklet was introduced to all BMW cars in 2008, except USA and Japan.
It is type independent multi-lingual resp. using pictorial descriptions, extensible for garage services and languages and cheap to produce.
The objective was to remove the service certificates from the owner’s manual and transform them into a new multi-lingual booklet. For the new booklet pictograms and keywords were used, instead of whole phrases, to describe the to be conducted garage services. A spread sheet overview at the begining of the booklet listed all languages and associated pictrograms. Pictograms were used to avoid cluttering of the pages of the service certificates. Most of the pictrograms were taken from the already existing pool, thus users would have an easier time to understand the association of the pictrogram to the service.
The booklet was done during my internship at BMW in 2008. The annual cost-saving amounted to approximately 2 million euro. It also served as a template for the service booklets of Mini.


BMW, Munich